I’m taking SCI44 New Year, New Metabolism this semester, a Stanford Continuing Studies course. The professor, Clyde Wilson, taught a Sports Nutrition class in Fall 2021 that I found enlightening.

This is a summary of my notes from the first week of New Year, New Metabolism. I’ve compiled this summary to better highlight the information I’d like to commit to memory. Many fascinating tidbits and tangents have been ommited.

Week 1 Summary

Metabolism is the process of transcribing DNA to RNA, during sleep, and RNA to protein during wakefulness (given amino acids and stable blood sugar).

Factors that determine metabolism:

  • nutrition
  • movement
  • sleep quality*
  • stress management

*Sleep builds our metabolic foundation by facilitating DNA expression. It’s critical.

To drive metabolism:

  • Increase sleep quality by decreasing stress levels before bedtime
  • Move throughout the day, not just when you exercise (e.g. stand every hour)
    • This keeps muscles out of the super-relaxed state, which is the lowest muscle metabolic rate
  • Eat nutritious foods that digest slowly (add veggies!). Stay hydrated.
    • Take SCI46 Sports Nutrition

The impact of each factor on YOUR metabolism will vary, and the only way to determine each factor’s significance is to experiment.

To roughly gauge your metabolism, examine your:

  • waking restfulness
  • muscle soreness/recovery
  • daily mental and physical energy/mood