I’ve crossed my fingers and purchased an 11” iPad Pro with M1. This decision is predicated on the theory that iPad Pro will soon be able to run macOS. Here’s why I think that’s likely.

  1. macOS Big Sur has been designed with much larger touch targets. The common theory is that this is to support touchscreen Macs, but I’m not buying it.
  2. Apple chose to give the iPad Pro an M1, rather than an A14X. Branding matters.
  3. Apple is publishing the amount of RAM in an iPad for the first time. This number matters a great deal in a traditional desktop OS.
  4. iPad OS is doodie for power users, and Apple knows it.
  5. (Bonus) Apple’s Magic Keyboard already has a trackpad. Apple’s known they’d go in this direction and started planting the seeds early.

Let’s see how this prediction ages!

Edit: (December 31, 2022)

Not aging well…